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"We are always singing songs from class around the house. My son, Collin, recognizes the songs and will actually stop what he is doing, dance or even just bob his head to the music. I have also noticed that he has learned to open and close his hands when we sing "Open and Shut Them" He has used items around the house (spoons or ladles) as drumsticks to play along with the music. It is amazing to see what he has picked up from class. We listen to the CD in the car all the time which is very calming for him (it makes long drives a lot more tolerable for mom and dad too!). Music Together is a great program that the whole family has come to enjoy. Thank you!"   - Kim Whitmore

 Did you know that all children are musical?

 Do you know how important music is in early childhood?   Have you ever wondered what you can do to nurture your child's musical growth, regardless of your own musical ability?

"I think the program is terrific. Being a first time Mom, I don't know whether Emily's actions are on target or influenced by Music Together sessions, but she did something tonight that instantly made me think of our class. Tonight, she used a toy with an arch to stand up on her own. While she was standing independently (and very proud of herself), she began the wave from "Comin' Round the Mountain" that we do in class while singing "Hi, Babe!". She's never done that before. I started singing "Comin' Round the Mountain" to her, and we waved at each other - it was great fun. Emily clearly enjoys the class, and we think you're an outstanding instructor.”   - Diane Lavin



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